All Bets on Yellow: Double Spins Bonus Roulette


Roulette is definitely one of the easiest casino games. Its rules are so simple that you do not need or learn everything by heart. Just bet, watch the croupier turn the wheel, so stop the ivory ball to decide the fate of your bet. Roulette is also famous for its fast pace and is about fifty-fifty chances of winning. Thus, many players gathered, admiring its aerodynamic design and enjoy the exciting sensation that exists in all revolutions. Click here to play online now.

That said, one can conclude that roulette is a very successful casino game. Now it is so popular in casinos that almost no one remembered how it started with a derivative of a perpetual motion machine created by the French inventor Blaise Pascal. Who can blame most roulette players? After all, roulette has evolved far beyond its origins and has given rise to innumerable variations.

Normally, people always think of American and European roulette, once the roulette variations come to mind. American roulette is a zero known two slots and having a high home version, while European roulette is a more popular variant internationally to have a single roulette wheel zero and thus gain more chances. However, these are not the only forms of roulette. There are many others, some of which have been popularized by online roulette casinos. You can play it on your mobile at

One of these variations is the double-speed premium of the wheel, which, as we may agree, has quite a name for a bite. This version of the casino game is different from having a yellow slot “B”, which is considered a single bet, but with a higher payout. This is 50% higher than the usual pocket, giving the ball better chance of landing on it. Once the ball lands in this location, you will be rewarded with two free spins, if you put chips or another number. As you probably guessed, this function is where the double router spins the name.

As mentioned above, you can also place a bet on the solitary yellow throat. You can actually make three types of bets in this particular game space. The first is the winning bet 12: 1, or twelve times your bet. However, if the yellow appears again in the resulting bonus rotation, you will win 120: 1, and if the same happens in the third round, you win a huge 1200: 1 victory!

The other two bets are yellow bets and Trio of Split. The first is a bet placed on the yellow B plus another placed in the 0 or 00 green, pay 6: 1. The second set of same, this time covering both green slots and pays 4: 1. Learn more at now.

As you may notice, the double twist bonus wheel is played in an American roulette and perhaps its biggest disadvantage. Fortunately, in which the edge of the extra house created by zeros and yellow throat is denied by rare bonus rotations, if yellow B occurs. Have fun playing on mobile here

However, this does not mean that you will not find pleasure in this version of the roulette wheel. The bonus is definitely an interesting twist to the game, and the progressive victory in yellow is something you really expect.

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