Getting the perfect pairs hand at the Blackjack table


What do you mean by Perfect Pairs?

Perfect Pairs is one of the available optional side bet that is placed at the same time of opening images in the basic game. Perfect Pairs is that wager which the first two cards dealt to get hand of the same value. Visit this site of to play Blackjack 21 + Perfect pairs that most of the players find fun to play to spice up their Blackjack hand.

How to get Perfect Pairs hand at Blackjack?

  1. It stands to be one of the common sides bet in Blackjack that is offered as a variant by most of the online casinos. Similarly, it is also applied to play Baccarat and other live cards games which are referred to as Blackjack Perfect Pairs 21 3. Thus Blackjack Perfect Pairs is a kind of bet that is placed by players to make their first 2 cards to be a pair.
  2. Enjoy this online game on that offers Blackjack Perfect Pairs for free with great welcome bonuses with kinds of pairs namely: a color suit pair, a perfect pair and a mixed pair. Hence if noticed the odds of first two cards dealt for side bets is lower if not a pair and if performing side bets then there is high risk which also offers high rewards.
  3. Follow the rules to dealt your cards while betting on the table using side bets. Their main objective is to match with the regular bets on table or the Perfect Pairs bet should be minimum of that regular bet. Leverage the option of placing Blackjack Perfect Pairs side bet be you online or offline.
  4. If you noticed all the Blackjack game cards are printed with pictures denoting King, Queen and Jack with shapes of heart, spade, diamond and club. The Ace is meant 10 point cards. So invite your friends and play to find out your Perfect Pairs of matching Aces on Blackjack table. Here the table has 6-8 decks and chances of getting odds to dealt 2 cards in one in the thousands.
  5. One can slightly change the rules to dealt the cards and side bet on any version of 21 3 Blackjack with applied strategies based on the rules of European Blackjack. Do check before you proceed to make Perfect Pair bet on initial cards to make more money.
  6. If you want to experience wonderful play of Blackjack Perfect Pairs then try your hand at Euro Blackjack then access its online bonus and follow its rules to dealt the two cards as when to hit or stand. Choose Sloty Vegas that offers online bonuses to its entire player try to deal the cards and make more money.


Hope you found a thorough and better understanding of Perfect Pairs. It is very easy to play online casino games with prior knowledge of its basics and knowing its odds which help you make more money to be won if you find a matching pair that is mentioned on the Blackjack Perfect Pairs list. There are many online casino sites who offers like this site bet absolutely free!

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