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Are you interested in playing poker online?  Do you always look for the chance so to play these games? If yes, then you must read this very carefully.

What is Poker?

It is an amalgamation of various games of card and consists of skill, strategy formation and wagering. Casino, online betting and domino are some of the prominent examples of poker games. The main thing which is common in all the varieties of this game is betting. That means each player bet something before the game begins. And when these games are played over the internet it is called online poker. The most popular variant of this game is domino qq poker online.

playing poker online

Overview of domino games:

Dominoes are grouping of board games that are played using rectangular dice or domino tiles.  The domino tiles consist of six sides and numbers from one to six is written at the end of each sides. And they are often called pips.

Types of domino games:

One of the most well-knownkinds of play under domino game is layout game which is divided in two broad categories:

  • Blocking games
  • Scoring games

About blocking games:

It is the most popular category that means it is the most played one. The motive of this game is to clear one’s hand and at the same block the opponent’s hand.  At the end, pips are summed that are in the hands of losing players and score is determined in this way.  It is mostly played by two players and double dice is required in this play.

About scoring games:

The scoring is quite different in this game as compared to the blocking game. The scoring part happens between the games. These games often use the variations of draw games. Suppose there are two players A and B who are playing the scoring game. So if A did not say the term domino before the dice is put down and B calls the same after the tile of domino is laid then A will have an extra domino throwing round.

Aforesaid categories are now played mostly on internet owing to people’s busy schedules and lack of time.  Shortage of time is one of the main reasons why domino qq poker online is so popular. It does not demand the physical presence of players that means there is no need to visit casinos in order to play this game. One can play from whatever place they like.

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