Life-Changing: Top 5 Winner in Online Gaming


Online gaming is now the latest trend today, with a variety of game options to select with. People who are addicted to this kind of game find it very convenient since they can play whenever they want to. It’s perfectly addressed for people who want to skip the hassle of commuting to any of the land-based casino places.

With that said, the rising of people who are fond of judi online is now unpredictable. The people who play this game are ranging from advanced to lower rank. Now, if you are of the people who would like to play this online gaming as well, you might want to consider knowing who are the widely known winners in this industry.

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Below are the stories of the top five successful winners of the online poker games:

  1. Georgios

The top five on the list is a businessman, his name is Georgios. He usually played Mega Moolah in an online gaming website name River Belle. In the year 2009, the website had released an information that they are about to give €6.3m prize to the lucky winner on the particular year, and it was destined to this person, Georgios.

After he won, he told people, especially those who are exposed to online gaming to never lose hope. He also added, it only takes an hour for everything to change one’s life for the better. 

  1. Norwegian Player

Who would have thought that this person’s sheer adrenalin will help him get the mega fortune. This is what happened to Norwegian player who played late-night session on September 23, 2011, and was able to cash out €11.7m quickly on that night.

The Norwegian played Mega Fortune on a popular online gaming site named NetEnt’s and a subsidiary of Betsson Casino. Although it’s an expensive cash out for the company, the chance of being listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the site who paid out the biggest online gamble win is incomparable.

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  1. Neil from Aberdeen

Neil from Aberdeen is a first time player who nailed it and won the grand prize of £6.3m on the online game named Hall of Gods. He won this amazing prize just an hour after he deposits money to the site of Casumo.

Neil placed £30 and had bet £4 on a spin on the game before he hit the jackpot. This prize is the biggest amount Casumo had every cashed out. After he received the grand prize he promised his children to visit Disney World in Australia and also donated some of his fortunes to Macmillan Cancer Research department.

  1. Anonymous Player

The second highest online gaming winner chose to consider himself anonymous. He played Mega Fortune at an online gaming site connected to Paf Casino. He, fortunately, won the grand prize in 2013. The prize has reached up to €17.8m and was also declared as a world record amount.

1.Jon Heywood

Jon Heywood is the luckiest of them all. He is a British soldier who got addicted to playing Jodi online and luckily won the prize of €17.87m.

He only spent £0.25 and received the high amount in return. This only means that you don’t have to be an expert just to nail the game. The British soldier won his fortune in 2015. It was recorded to be the most expensive ever won on an online slot, overtaking Finland’s winner, by €17,832.

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