Steps parents need to take about online games


Today, gaming is one field which is earning the country’s half the revenue. This is because people have got addicted to games. They do not have time or feel lazy to move outside and play, that they get addicted to video games. This has a lot of negative effects like this is the main reason children are suffering from the common diseases namely obesity, this is the reason youngsters get bone deformities and skin problems. Playing outdoors lets people breathe in fresh air and the light from the sun rejuvenates the skin with Vitamin D, they can climb, jump, run around and play which makes their bones and muscles stronger. It also helps them develop basic interpersonal skills like the team building since they get to play with new friends, co-ordination with the team which improves team work, analyzing skills on the game played etc. Despite all this some people still choose to play indoor video games.

Why choose to play video games over outdoor games

Today, we find that parents get video games like the play station 4 and Xbox for their children at a very small age. Since both the parents go for work now-a-days, they rarely get time to take their children outside to play, hence children get to play what is at home and they must choose video games. Video games are designed to think. They have a few good things as well like they seem to have puzzles and riddles to solve to go the next level. This will help the children to think better and make good decisions. Improving this skill will help them to take better life’s decision later. Surveys have proved that children or teens who are good gamers excel in their academics than children who do not play video games.

Choose the right game

Having said the positive effects of playing video games, there are some websites which has games like tangkas Asia based sites where in dice and poker games are offered. These games are not for the children and hence parents ought to take steps in making the browser kids friendly. If not, children might end up stealing money from home to play the tangkas Asia website offering games which also includes online casino.


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