Top 5 Online Casino Games You Can Play At Home


Online casino is a very competitive industry. That is why for those who are playing for real money, you must find the online casino game from mega888 that you would love and enjoy. So what are the most recommended online casino games that you can play at home? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Single Deck Blackjack

There are different types of blackjack. The difference is with the cards or how many are used in a game. Single deck blackjack games give you more chances of winning. That is because the house advantage is lowered on this type. If you have learned some fundamental strategies along the way, and once you developed the right bankroll management, there is an excellent chance that you will do well with single deck blackjack.


It is one of the most exciting games that you can try. Craps is a top-rated game in brick-and-mortar casinos. And now that casino games are available online, and it is also becoming a trend. Since Craps offers one of the lowest house edges (from 5% to 1.4%), compared to other online casino games, that is why even online, Craps is one of the most exciting games to play.



If you are bored with playing slots and you are interested in trying a no-frills game, then you should try Baccarat. This is the most recommended for those looking for less action and more basic strategies. With Baccarat, bettors can choose to play on Player, Banker, or Tie. As simple as that. Once you have selected, you can sit back and enjoy the game.

Three-Card Poker

It is one of the most fun and quick poker game type. It has become trendy both in brick-and-mortar and online casinos because of how fast players can finish the game. The payouts for the three-card poker will depend on the dealer’s cards. As a tip, always choose to play Queen since it can give you a higher chance of getting back your bet money, and even some more, if you are lucky!

Video Poker

Another type of poker has become very popular these days. And as long as you have the right strategy, it can have a 0% house edge. Video poker is a game of skill, and there are plenty of variations for new online casino players to choose from.

Choosing an online casino game is not that easy, especially if you are playing for real money. But usually, those who wish to play online already have their favourites. So what online casino game do you want to play? If you are not decided, check out the top 5 picks mentioned above.