Understanding Online Slots Symbols And How They Work


Online slots are fun and exciting not only because it is a simple game to play, but also because of the bonus symbols. These are also some of the most important things that you need to learn about online slots. So before you start playing Daftar slot online, here’s everything to know about the bonus symbols and how they work.

All About Bonus Symbols

There are standard symbols when playing online slots, but there are also bonus symbols that you should keep your eye out for. And in the newer online slots games, there are plenty of bonus symbols that you should know of. Generally, they are categorized depending on their unique features.

  • Scatter Symbols. The scatter symbols vary and they usually depend on the theme. They are usually the highest paying which is why players should watch out for them. If you get a scatter symbol on the rows of regular symbols that you have aligned, you will trigger a bonus feature which can be a bonus round or a free spin.


  • Wild Symbols. This is called the “joker card” of slots because it can substitute any other symbol. This is very important to have if you have a payline that has a row of three symbols because the next one will be a wild. The wild symbol can reward you with a next payout level.
  • Expanding Wilds. These symbols work the same way as wild symbols. However, when you get an expanding wild, it will be in the entire column of the reel. This will allow you to have more chances of winning on more than one payline across different rows.
  • Stacked Wilds. Just like the expanding wilds, the stacked wilds also come in 2, 3, or more bunches. They end up stacking on top of each other which will boost your chances of hitting a good combination across the paylines.

 Now that you are more familiar with the online slots bonus symbols that you might encounter in the next game that you play, there is a better chance that you will understand the game better. Aside from the standard symbols, make sure that you look out for the bonus symbols as well because they can surely improve your chances of winning better prices. So make sure that you learn each one of them because there is no doubt that you will see them at the new online slots games.

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