Why is Capsa Banting Online Game so Enjoyable

The Real Deal of the Best Card Game to have Ever Existed                                    

You will be fascinated if you play CapsaBantingOnline game. The card game is actually known as Chinese poker. We can deduce that it originated from Asia specifically China. It is a very popular card game that it has a unique name to every country it is played. The Cardname could have been called “Big 2” because the highest card in the game is 2. The Ace is the second-ranked card. This rule is what they have in the Philippines and it could be the same thing in most of the Asian countries.  The rule of the game is almost the same as the western poker, the difference is that you throw the cards in the middle of the card game table. As an example, the player throws in a pair of Queen, you are next and should throw in a pair that is highly ranked than Queen. If a player pass or can’t throw in a card or cards on the table, that player will pay a penalty that will be added on the jackpot prize. Just imagine how much the jackpot prize will be if the game will take longer and there are a lot of players that have passed. The card game is just so exciting. As the game continues a bigger jackpot prize accumulates. I can say that this card game is so addictive.

The similarity with the Western card game and its Twists that makes it a Very Exciting Game

The similarity of capsa banting online with western poker is that you will form a group of cards in order to beat your opposing card game players. An example would be a pair of the same number or character, like a pair of ace, a pair of King. Other groups of cards are 3 or 4 cards having the same number or character. The game also hasa Fullhouse, flushes, Straight Flushes, Royal Flush, etc. The game deals with the same group of cards that you form in the western Poker. The twist of the game that is really remarkable is you can have “side bets” or an added game inside the game itself. An example of the side bet would be a game where the player with the highest ranked of pair of cards wins the jackpot.


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